Thursday, January 26, 2012

Meg magazine (Dec-Jan issue)

Was really thrilled to get a copy of this magazine because not only did PIROUETTE get to be a part of this, but so did some good friends of mine. Its really a keeper! + Oh yeah, my photo is there too. >__<

 This part, my family keeps lauging like crazy because looking at all the ages, i'm actually the oldest! 

Thank you soooo much!!! Sino kaya nag-style?! Achieve!

Greatest surprise is that i thought the mag was only the December issue. Turns out, it ran till January. *kilig* Really thankful to everyone involved. ♥

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Video: I cut my hair!

Felt like my hair needed a makeover so I finally went to the Tony and Jackey salon that Carmel's been recommending. Did this early December, btw.

They did a great job despite the language barrier ~the stylists are all Korean!! Oh, and guess what, the place has free wifi. Def. a big bonus for me. Anyhow, video above shows how we got our hair done. ♥