Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainbow gradient cracked nails + korean inspi' outfit

(Peterpan collar sweetheart top + lace shorts: Pirouette. Knit hat: Forever21. Cardigan: Greenhills. Shoes: from Singapore.)

I finally got to get my outfit photos from Carmel's cam! Hehe. Here's what I wore to day 1 of the Next big thing bazaar I joined last month.

(Shatter + pastel matte nail polish: All from The Face Shop.)

Here's a photo of my nails that day! I did them myself again. Yes, my nail obsession has gone up a level once more. I used 3 colors of nail polish to make the gradient effect, and put a single coat of shatter polish to create the cracked look. I just discovered The Face Shop carries a line of shatter polishes that are cheaper than OPI!

Herp derp on the left. And a full body outfit photo on the right.

There are actually more pics; but I think these will suffice. :) the end.

Friday, September 2, 2011

crumpets and tea

Enjoying my Earl grey tea with some macaroons, finger sandwiches and cake.

Finally got to experience some "proper afternoon tea time" at TWG (inside ION Orchard) after wanting to go there for the longest time (and I mean over a year). The line was just always too long.

I'm back in Singapore again!