Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunny day

Another day at the park. Lately, i've been meeting people studying MMA (multimedia arts), haha. weird coincidence. And its so funny when they ask me about my course, and I reply "international studies". lol i know, soo far from sewing and anything creative. ^_^

Pastries made by: Bianca PensotesModel: Zel GratelaSkirt design + Picnic dress + lace top made by: Michele AchacosoPhotographer: Marielle PenafielBunch o' outtakes by: R + me
The Crew

More pictures coming soon :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Butterflies and fairies

In my closet, you can find some...peculiar things...

like this and this and these:

Angsty (Emily the Strange dress), Nationalistic (baro't saya in hot pink), Cutesy (bunch o' printed hoodies), Furry (furry stuff)...among others.

...but a fairy costume, I do NOT own. haha. A friend asked me if I happened to have a fairy costume that she could borrow. she needed it asap. lulz, i do not have a human sized one. But i did make some doll-sized fairy outfits about over a year ago:

Photo and outfits by: Michele Achacoso (me)Flowers: c/o mother nature...~NOT. I attacked our flower vase. Those are plastic flowers.

a butterfly and a fairy

I love working with themes. If only I had enough materials (given to me for FREE), i'd probably make a life-sized one. I really do prefer making costume-like things. But normal clothes are more wearable. ^_^

-By the way-
Bel-air 3 village, Makati is having a second-hand sale at the village park this coming Sunday (Sept 19, 2010). going to join. I have alot more stuff I want to get rid of! Any takers on the baro't saya (national costume)? haha.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Playing in the park

Night time pics yet again. Guhh. I never seem to learn.

Lolita stuff from my closet. Not made by me. But oh how I wish.

These girls would like to remain anonymous. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Remaining september, please be kind to me...

Scallop trim dress made by: Michele Achacoso

Plans unplanned. Happy surprises. Situations you just have to deal with. Mysterious mysteries. Shout out to Tine for buying this even if I wasn't selling it (and even if I didnt attach the lining yet)! Thanks dear!!