Monday, September 13, 2010

Butterflies and fairies

In my closet, you can find some...peculiar things...

like this and this and these:

Angsty (Emily the Strange dress), Nationalistic (baro't saya in hot pink), Cutesy (bunch o' printed hoodies), Furry (furry stuff)...among others.

...but a fairy costume, I do NOT own. haha. A friend asked me if I happened to have a fairy costume that she could borrow. she needed it asap. lulz, i do not have a human sized one. But i did make some doll-sized fairy outfits about over a year ago:

Photo and outfits by: Michele Achacoso (me)Flowers: c/o mother nature...~NOT. I attacked our flower vase. Those are plastic flowers.

a butterfly and a fairy

I love working with themes. If only I had enough materials (given to me for FREE), i'd probably make a life-sized one. I really do prefer making costume-like things. But normal clothes are more wearable. ^_^

-By the way-
Bel-air 3 village, Makati is having a second-hand sale at the village park this coming Sunday (Sept 19, 2010). going to join. I have alot more stuff I want to get rid of! Any takers on the baro't saya (national costume)? haha.


  1. u have the cutest dolls and fairies clothes from them :3 I love momoko's embroidery its so cute ^^ i love the whole film actually XD

  2. XD thanks! handmade with love! and ya, btssb fantasy moment. that movie's the reason why i love lolita fashion so much! and lets not forget anna tsuchiya <3