Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Remaining september, please be kind to me...

Scallop trim dress made by: Michele Achacoso

Plans unplanned. Happy surprises. Situations you just have to deal with. Mysterious mysteries. Shout out to Tine for buying this even if I wasn't selling it (and even if I didnt attach the lining yet)! Thanks dear!!


  1. i love the dress i cant pull of pastel colours though :(

  2. @ Pax: Hey there pax! ^_^ thanks dear!

    @ Naka: Thanks naka! Maybe you just havent found the right color of pastel that suits you best! >_<

  3. this is a lovely dress. I bet it would look good on you.

  4. Mico! Thanks mico! Hey, glad to see you've been posting again!