Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainbow gradient cracked nails + korean inspi' outfit

(Peterpan collar sweetheart top + lace shorts: Pirouette. Knit hat: Forever21. Cardigan: Greenhills. Shoes: from Singapore.)

I finally got to get my outfit photos from Carmel's cam! Hehe. Here's what I wore to day 1 of the Next big thing bazaar I joined last month.

(Shatter + pastel matte nail polish: All from The Face Shop.)

Here's a photo of my nails that day! I did them myself again. Yes, my nail obsession has gone up a level once more. I used 3 colors of nail polish to make the gradient effect, and put a single coat of shatter polish to create the cracked look. I just discovered The Face Shop carries a line of shatter polishes that are cheaper than OPI!

Herp derp on the left. And a full body outfit photo on the right.

There are actually more pics; but I think these will suffice. :) the end.


  1. yay The Face Shop has the chipping polish? I've been looking long and hard enough for those! thank youuuuu! ;)

  2. haha yup! nagulat din ako. It chips pretty well and is 50% much cheaper than OPI shatter! Im so excited for you to do your nails. :)

  3. Love your outfit and your blog so much! Thanks for visiting mine and leaving such lovely comments. :) Wish I could jazz up my nails as well as you do. For some reason, I absolutely suck at it. xx

  4. I absolutely love your top! And I've been seeing the shattered polish around a lot. I must try that soon :D Glad to know The Face Shop has them too!


  5. @Valerie: Thanks Valerie! love your blog so much too! So creative + I absolutely love your DIYs. :)

    @Megann: haha, thanks! I used to have it for sale at my shop. I love going to the Face Shop for polish, even more now that they have a HUGE range of polish choices. :)