Thursday, May 6, 2010

First post: A new blog yet again!

In search for the perfect "place" to blog, i have yet again created a new one. Seriously, i really want to have just ONE blog in my lifetime (very idealistic)!

THE BATTLE OF THE BLOGS: This started 3 days ago. Upon waking up one day, i finally had the drive to --finally-- blog. You see, i've been trying to do this for years! But it seems like i had no motivation to continue one...a lack of inspiration. One day i just decided that i wanted to do this (blogging) again, and so i am. I created so many new accounts that day! Wordpress, Livejournal, Tumblr. Since i'm admittedly not that tech-savvy, i wanted the easiest to work with blog that had ready-to-use, FREE templates. haha.
  • Tumblr: I know a lot of people use this, but i just did not have the patience to navigate through this site. Maybe one day i will. But for now, my account there will sadly have to be idle.
  • Livejournal: I like the fact that it has alot of groups where you can discuss common interests; however, most of the groups i want to join arent that active anymore, plus the more active ones are in some foreign language. *dizzy eyes*
  • Wordpress: I actually do enjoy using this...alot. Its so easy to use, navigate...but my problem is that i cant freely fix the layout. It seems like i have to pay a certain amount to do some HTML code-ing. darn. So now...its...
  • Blogger/ Blogspot: So far, so good.... I kind of preffered the easy and diverse template options Wordpress had to offer; however, im slowly getting the hang of using this.
So my top contenders would be: Blogspot and Wordpress. Which one will i stick to, i wonder...

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