Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Greetings from R and H!


Gahh~ sorry for the behind the scenes photo spamming. And also for my recent obsession of polaroid framing my pictures. I finally got my Microsoft Office running again!~ lol random.
uhh...more polaroid photos by me

In relation to this post, just looked at Yuu's blog, where she posted stuff about Day 1 of the shoot. Love all the pics she took! She has all the nice ones! ♥
Greetings from Yuu and Chi too!
I had Yuu and Chi model some of my products for PIROUETTE, mostly bags and tanktops (the photo here is another outtake, as usual).

model: Zel Gratela
outfit/ make-up/styling: Michele Achacoso
photography by: Angelo Angustia
mango parfait from: The Dolce Bianquita Bakeshop
One of my favorite shots from Day 2. I edited the lighting a little. Met nice new, talented people :)


  1. cute photoshoot, i love the polaroids!

  2. it was a fun fun day. Thanks + horay for polaroids!