Thursday, June 10, 2010

In other words, i'm back.

(Dress: New Look. Bags: Pirouette. Blonde Wig: Landmark. Glasses: Overseas)
Moment of vanity! Yeahhhh.. Wearing the dress my little cousin gave me as a super belated b-day gift (I picked it out, and my bday was last March). Also pimpin out some of the bags i'll be selling for my shop. Need to take pics of those soon.
Coming soon to PIROUETTE

My brother's girlfriend came by the house, and looked at the new stuff I had for sale. She bought a polkadot denim cardigan and a floral slouchy blouse. And she tried to get my brother to buy her a floral tube dress, but darnnit he didnt get it for her. But that's fine. ^_^


  1. i want your stuffs!!! what's the url of your online store?:)

  2. Hey PAX! The name of my store is PIROUETTE. My multiply shop is at Its currently going through a "make-over" but it'll be fixed SOON! My new products will hopefully be posted by the end of this week!