Tuesday, October 19, 2010

studs and chains

Early this year (january), i started my first SERIOUS attempt at making jewelry. I made this studded heart necklace for my shop; and thankfully, people liked it and bought some (also had this in color gold; crown and bow shapes). ^_^

Studded heart necklace by: me (Michele Achacoso)

After making my bunch of necklaces i was stuck with a few bits os extra studs and chains that i couldn't use for my necklaces anymore. So what did i do? >>> Recycled them and made a doll dress of course! Haha. My love for dress making started because of dolls, actually.

In the woods...

Test shots

See how the venue and lighting changes the mood of a picture?


  1. i wish I coulkd make jewellery ^^ and i love ur doll's dress :3

  2. i didnt know i could make jewelry unitl this year! haha. thanks naka, wish someone would commission me to do a human-sized version one day.