Thursday, July 7, 2011

Leopard nails and make-up

Experimenting with leopard nail art has led me to create a matching make-up look. Saw one of my old pink hair extensions and decided to add a side braid to complete the fun look.

On my nails: polish pen + regular nail polish all from The Face Shop. Eye make-up: Catwalk cosmetics eyeshadow + Maybelline liquid eyeliner. Clip-on hair: SM dept store.

Yes, leopard print shirt too. So very animalistic. *_*


  1. This nail art looks amazing. Did u make this pattern yourself? :P Have always wanted to make my nails look pretty but I suck at nail-painting.:S

  2. Miyuu!! I miss you! ya i did! Its leopard print. Just a little practice and the right tools can make something seemingly complicated, much easier. The Right hand is super hard to do tho. >__<

  3. I really like what you did here! :) lovely matching nails and make-up :))

  4. Thanks nina! Sadly, the makeup can not be worn on a normal day. ^_^