Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Had nothing formal to wear from my suitcase so I borrowed my aunt's super long ankle length dress and "fake" shortened it by rolling it up + belting it at the waist.

I must post because today is a special day. Hehe. Also bought myself a new laptop yesterday because my 3 year old Toshiba is dead. Now I am broke till December! Huhuhu. ~ but no regrets, i love my new toy. We also watched Lion King at the Marina Bay Sands theater today. :)


  1. oh wow a new laptop! :D (Me only read this post today. Pictures weren't loading the last time I visited).. Haha, we got our laptops at about the same time (yes I remember!! :D Mine was a few weeks late).... Haha. My sony's pretty slow now.. but thank god it still does what I want it to do.:D

    Which brand did u get this time? xD

  2. pretty smart quick-fix tip! I would never have thought to roll it up. (kind of like wearing kimono??)

  3. Miyuu! hello! just replying to this message after ages! hehe. I got a MAC! Had some adjustment issues at first, but its great! + the rolling up idea was only coz i couldnt cut the dress coz i was just borrowing it, lol.